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RUD Super Greifsteg Chains (Oversized) - Premium Option

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176.00 LBS
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Product Description

These Super Greifstegs are bigger than the ones you'll find in the categories for pickups, SUVs and vans.  They fit on many of the oversized tires that are hard to fit with tire chains. Contact us by clicking Chainstop's Contact Page Link and ask whether we have your chain size available.

These oversized RUD Super Greifstegs are a high class of tire chains that fit on commercial and industrial tires, but they also work well with some light-duty trucks that have oversized tires.  For those that can't find their size and don't want to skimp on quality, Greifstegs are the chains to get.


  • Wear bars and cross links that dig into packed-down snow and slick ice
  • Built tough to yield a high-mileage chain
  • Smooth ride


  • Reversible to allow for fast installation and durability
  • Manganese-chromium-nickel alloyed fine-grain steel for greater strength
  • Honeycomb-patterned chain mesh offers superb 360 degree traction
  • 7mm rounded chain links


These specially oversized Super Greifsteg tire chains are made to fit the tires of heavy duty trucks that put out a lot of abuse and high mileage, so they won't have a problem standing up to your light-duty truck with its 35, 37 or 39-inch diameter sized tires. These chains are made of manganese-chromium nickel alloyed fine-grain steel, making them suitable of use with 4x4s, quads, off road vehicles, transporters, fork lifts, buses and tractors. Finally, their reversible design makes them wear more evenly and ultimately last longer.

Exceptional Traction, Smooth Ride

The Super Greifstegs have a tight honeycomb-like chain mesh pattern to give you extraordinary 360 degree traction. Link cable or ladder chains cannot compare because they lay laterally across the tire treads. This lateral pattern gives less resistance against side to side slippage. This same honeycomb pattern results in a ride that feels much smoother than what you'll get from ladder chains.

Top-of-the-Line Oversized Tire Chain Qualities Packaged in One Set

Super Greifsteg tire chains last a very long time, ride smoothly, and practically claw the road!  Get a set of superior chains; you'll know the difference.

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Product Reviews

  1. Unbelievable traction 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2013

    Take a look at the pics and you'll just get it.

    When alvin contacted me to know how my chains were working out, I couldn't believe it. The year after, he wanted to know how they worked out for me! I appreciate that sort of service (what if they hadn't worked out?). Alvin is obviously confident they're selling a great product, and I think he's got reason to be if all his chains are as reliable as these. So I agreed to write this about the chains.

    These tire chains dig into the snow and ice better better than average chains that don't have that extra link that crosses on top. They are expenisive, but this investment was worth it.The road I drive on every day to get in an off of my property is not fun, and a mistake could cost me a lot more than this the money I spent on these chains.

  2. These chains are sick!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jan 2013

    I'm an off road junkie with a tricked out Rubi that's got a set of pretty big tires: 35x13.5x20. I couldn't find tire chains to match...it was ridiculous.

    I ended up landing on a forum that sent me to winchline.com and from there I found chainstop.com. Those dudes know what's up with the whole off roading scene, especially when it comes to traction. One of their sales guys I talked with used to work at Viking Offroad selling recovery gear and apparently the RUD Grip 4x4s. When Viking unloaded a bunch of its products to focus more on its own brand, they sent the tire chain business his way.

    Now the guy I talked to was Alvin...a real pro that knows what he's doing and will hook you up with the right tire chains if it's something that's available to the US. If you've got oversize tires, give them a call and maybe ask for him. Whoever it is, they'll get you on the right track. Just know that these particular oversize chains are super high-end: smooth ride, but still feels like it's grabbing the ice. I didn't wanna mess around with the cheap stuff that'll break and end up costing me more by screwing up my truck. On Alvin's advice, I checked with Jeep to make sure clearance wasn't gonna be an issue with these chains. It wasn't, so I got em, and I've been stoked ever since...and probably will be for many more years, cause these are the kind that are gonna last.

    I got my chains a couple weeks ago and went out riding with em. Nice. They're a smoother ride than with your regular ladder-type tire chains...just like Alvin said when I talked with him about these.

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